Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mo's xmas list

These are things Mo has either asked for directly or enjoyed playing with at someone's house:

Microscope including blank slides
Any kind of "how it works" or "what's inside" book
Marble mazes, especially the ones with gears
Tempera paints (we already have the no-spill cups)
Art supplies in general, but especially paint brushes and paper
Sculpey clay or equivalent
A fishing pole
A dragon costume

I'll update this as she mentions things - last update Nov 9.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Studio tour snippet

The studio tour is over and went well.

Okay, I'm sort of stressing over everything else in the world, but I really should take a moment to elaborate on that.

The tour went fabulously well. I had another artist sharing my studio - Brianna, a feltworker, who is also considering homeschooling. We got along famously and it was such a relief to have that gigantic space of mine Full! Wheew! In addition, Mirror set up a display table down in the barnyard with some wooden spoons and other craftwork he does. Having him down there kept "the menfolk" out of George's shop - last year we had a problem with them sneaking in to the closed shop and poking around - and gave him the opportunity to sell some stuff.

I sold a quilt that I've had sitting around for years and a handful of small things. George picked up a sawmilling job without even being here. Since I'm feeling flush, I'm going to take quilt money and go buy a trampoline. I had originally intended to use Morgan's prize money - oh, I should explain that, its kind of funny.

While we were out east we went on a "Shop Hop" with Jane - nine fabric stores in one day, if you can imagine. At each store we signed up for drawings etc - and signed Mo up, too. She was so excited! Well, Miss Thing won a sewing machine. I have to admit, my first reaction was "Morgan's Mother won a sewing machine!" but I'm happy to say I was rescued from my own avarice by the fact that its not a machine that's really all that great for quilting. Whew. So Jane offered to have Elena sell it on Ebay - and my Fabulous cousin is working on that. I planned to get a trampoline as Mo's "prize" and put the rest in savings. Now the whole schebang can go in savings (knock wood).

Anyway, the tour is over and went well. I may even do it again - it really was much less of a headache with another artist in the space and a "guard" on the shop.