Wednesday, July 09, 2008

new look for me!

Tada! Boy have glasses styles changed in the last ten years! Or seven, anyway, which is how long I think its been since I bought any. Mine were a shambles. George was an absolute darling about going and helping me pick some out - I hate picking out new frames. I'm utterly incapacitated without my glasses, so choosing new ones is usually an ordeal of wondering how much I agree with the person who's advising me. But George was being his charming best - sweet and goofy and romantic at the weirdest times, so I didn't stand around wondering if I was actually going to like how I looked when it was all over.
Morgan was all excited about looking at glasses and tried on a few pairs herself. She likes the idea that some day she might "get" to wear glasses like her mommy. Very sweet. She and I have been playing a new game together - one of the Harvest Moon series, which is basically about farming. Yes, here we are living in the country playing a Video Game about raising chickens and planting vegetables. Snort!
I'm afraid its sort of a dull summer for Ray, so far. Both trucks are now on the fritz, so there's not much getting out going on. Fortunately, the Pumpkin Hollow Community has been having a weekly drum circle this summer, and he's been able to get up to that. He and George are going tonight, in fact. Ray enjoys the drumming and is participating somewhat, with a drum or with his bass. He also often takes his fire-staff...OH! did I mention he's breathing fire now? One of our friends discovered how to make a mix of hemp oil and everclear that works for that without the danger if its swallowed. That's the biggest danger of fire breathing, swallowing the fuel accidentally. So now Ray has a new fire trick.
In a few weeks he'll be heading East to visit the grandparents, which should liven things up for him a bit. And hopefully by the time the weather cools off we'll have found a new vehicle and can start taking him to the skatepark again, or some other social stuff.
Our charming neighbors will be back in the fall, too - they changed their minds about hanging around all summer, since the springs haven't recovered from last year's drought. Kind of a bummer, but we're doing okay in the water department. It got a little dry for awhile but the day before George was ready to limp one of the trucks into town to get water... it Rained! and the cistern is full again. If we can get one good rain every three weeks, we'll make it through the summer without buying water. Here's to wet weather!