Saturday, October 23, 2010

Glass in the grass

Yesterday, Meredith, Morgan and I went to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens to see the amazing Glass sculpture work of Dale Chihuly. I have been trying to convince Morgan that he is a pirate, but to no avail. The exhibit was mostly outdoors, in the beautiful, rambling gardens and ponds, with spritely, colorful pieces of glass such as this:

placed amongst trees, shrubs and flowers like this:
Making for a very nice composition like this:

Even the Sphinx at the gate was enthralled with the display, and so we were able to sneak in without answering the customary riddle.

As Meredith is pointing out, these "Bamboo Reeds" have rings like the real bamboo.

We saw The Sun and The Moon~

And what looked to be many different planets,

Being used as marbles.

There was literally a boatload of glass there.

And there was really only one thing that could make it look prettier.

OK, well maybe two....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Of snakes and scams

OK, I'm going to try to make an actual post here, with pictures and everything.

The cats like to hunt and show off their catches. Usually they consist of chipmunks, voles, birds, or portions thereof. The other day, the orange cat proudly brought me a garter snake, which was still alive and mostly unharmed, so I snatched it away and released it somewhere I thought he wouldn't notice. But about an hour later, he came strutting back with the same snake, obviously enjoying this new game. So I brought it to show Meredith and Morgan for a while before re-releasing it even further away.

The other pictures I have here are of Morgan's latest costume creation, inspired by one of her favorite cartoons, "Ed, Edd and Eddy," which is kind of like the three stooges meets the little rascals. This is "Professor Scam:"

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ahoy there scurvy dogs!
Bein' in honor of jaw like a pirate day, I, Cap'n Woodbeard, be commandeerin' this blasted vessel.
So, raise the Jolly Roger, haul the drunkards off the poop deck, and no friggin' in the riggin'!