Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've had the flu

Icky yucky yuck.
I hate being sick.
Now I'm slowly getting back to myself and I'm stiff and sore all over just from being in bed so much. Bleh. On the up side, its sort of revitalizing my yoga practice.

I stopped teaching yoga more than six months ago, and for awhile I just didn't do any at all. I had gotten pretty burned out and had lost my enthusiasm for my own practice. A couple months ago I started have the urge to do the occasional yoga pose, remembering that I used to like this stuff, not just do it "because its good for me". Getting sick seems to have really kick-started my interest again. I like the asanas. I like the way they feel and the way *I* feel doing them. Pretty sad to think that teaching made me lose sight of that for awhile.

In the mean time, I'm still stiff and sore and coughing. Yuk. Mo and George have both been sick too. Rayan hasn't *seemed* to get it, but he has gone through a phase of sleeping 15hrs a day, and I think he was fighting it off. Must be nice.

On a completely differnt note, I have a bunch of Mo-art that I want to scan in and upload, if only I can get the scanner to work! If not, I may try to take pix of some of it. She's making lots of books and comic-strip type things, and making everything she can think of out of paper. One day she went through an entire brand-new stack of computer paper and started another and I sort of flipped out - you wouldn't believe the mess in the living room. It looked like a blizzard! So I stole the rest of the paper and hid it. George teased me mercilessly until I relented and gave it back.

I have a new "mantra" for myself: unschooling is messy and inconvenient.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


It snowed thursday night - something on the order of an inch, which is high excitement here in TN. I worked for Barb (Morningside) on friday. leaving George to play in the snow with Morgan, which turned out to be a really good thing. Apparantly, Mo woke up and saw snow and immediately concieved the idea to make a snowboard. George was happy to help out - he went right out and found a board that was pretty bowed and cut a length of it. At Mo's direction, he rounded one end and set some screws in it for "foot straps". She's been watching a lot of Go, Diego, Go! and seems to have made some mental notes on the subject of snowboards - she definately had very specific ideas on the subject. Well unfortunately, an inch of snow and a piece of raw wood don't make the best combination for snowboarding, so George added a tow-rope. Mo was thrilled none-the-less.
Here she is in her snow-gear, all ready for the cold!

Once she'd had enough "snowboarding" George obliged her with a snowball fight and then went inside for home made snowcones. I'm posting this on friday and have spent over an hour making still more snowcones. I've mixed some foodcoloring with sugar to make sprinkles for them. Its been fun - except for the part where she decided I needed snow shoved down the back of my shirt - wonder where she got that idea....